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Growthroute, the outsourced marketing department of growth companies
  • Growth Company Builder.
  • Product Launcher.
  • Partnership Developer.
  • Technology Marketer.
  • Breakthrough Generator.
  • Virtual Incubator.
  • cleantech Specialist.

product marketing services

Pick your product marketing menu
  • Product positioning (with workshop)
  • Identification of key user benefits (with workshop)
  • Thought leadership theme and story development
  • Marketing mix development (using Growthroute's analytical tool, including workshop)
  • Planning of lead generation and conversion initiatives
Develop marketing
platform and material
  • Website (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Wordpress blog
  • Sales proposal optimization and automation
  • Media outreach
  • Brochures and sales material
  • Tradeshow material
  • Video
  • Print ads
  • Branding
  • Design (outsourced to Graphic Designer)
  • Copywriting (outsourced to Senior Copywriter)
Deploy product
marketing actions
  • Online user acquisition
  • Social media presence
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Online advertising / AdWords (SMO)
  • Email campaigns
  • Community management
  • Thought leadership initiatives
  • Article placements
  • Webinar
  • Public relations
  • B2B key reference acquisition
  • Tradeshow preparation
Scale your product marketing
  • User acquisition / sales process improvement
  • Distribution expansion
  • Marketing automation (Eloqua, Aprimo, Silverpop, and Marketo)
  • Website + blog + CRM integration
  • CRM system specifications & setup (MS Dynamics, Zoho)
  • Process documentation
  • Database marketing
  • Advanced data analysis (SPSS, advanced Excel)
  • Product marketing team development and management
  • Product marketing agency selection and management
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Product marketing starts with "product"

Isn't it odd that lots of product marketing specialists out there have little actual interest and experience in the product itself?

Have you tried to market a bad product? I have. It's not fun. So product marketing starts with the product. Because the cheaper form of marketing is when people talk about your product. And people talk about a product only in two occasions: when it is great, and when it is not.

The good thing with GrowthRoute is that it is not a PR agency. I have plenty of experience in product management in the cleantech space. So I do my best to build marketing as much as possible right into the product, through concrete suggestions or involvement in development. Having implemented Pragmatic Marketing at growth companies, I am familiar with that framework.

Turning the art of buzz into a science

Nowadays, building and sustaining market demand for a new product is a difficult and creative exercize. Cutting through the competitive noise, unfortunately, is not as simple as setting up a facebook group or a twitter account. Special talent and experience are needed to capture the market's attention and trigger usage and purchase.

Channel fragmentation makes it easy to waste time on "breakthrough-less" actions

With GrowthRoute I like to take a systematic approach to maximizing the reward/risk ratio of product marketing. For example, I have inventoried over 70 types of product marketing initiatives a team can implement.

By standardizing what can be standardized in product marketing, such as figuring out the most relevant marketing actions and channels, we can spend more time on the creative aspects, such as generating ideas and stories that engage your audience.

Execution is not everything

Great execution of flexible strategies is. Implementation-wise, previous GrowthRoute missions span the whole range of product marketing initiatives, from web marketing and social media strategies to more traditional actions such as PR, tradeshow preparations, and marketing partnerships.

Because of rigorous processes and the enrollment of experts as needed, I deliver consistently across the entire product marketing spectrum.

Special skill: multi-channel thought leadership campaigns

That approach truly excels in implementing product marketing campaigns anchored in thought leadership initiatives, making use of both online and traditional marketing channels.

While anybody can quickly set up a blog, an email campaign, or an event, GrowthRoute's productions integrate them and ensure that every part contributes to the overarching business goal.

Latest GrowthTimes blog posts on product marketing

GrowthRoute’s new site and blog launched today

At last, my new site and blog are up! It has taken over a year to conceive and create, essentially because I was also busy helping other entrepreneurs the whole time and wanted to code that site myself.

Hopefully proving that a business guy with no technical degree (and worse actually: an MBA) can code, I built it using handcoded HTML, lots of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Jquery, WordPress and about 45 WordPress plugins. Over-engineered, it probably is, but it was fun and I learned tons.

The result: GrowthRoute, at, presents the company’s experience and offering. GrowthTimes, at, is my blog, continuing to cover business topics of interest to entrepreneurs, product developers and managers, and investors.

Both are thoroughly integrated and include a number of innovations, several of which I will present in a follow-up post. But for now, please try it out and send me some feedback.

If you like what you see, do like my facebook group, follow GrowthRoute on twitter, and subscribe to the posts by RSS or email. To receive the posts most relevant to your activity, I suggest that you select a specific market before you subscribe. See the fixed square button on the right – change the market name if it hasn’t automatically yet based on what you read here.

Socialize workshops & deployment: make social media work for you

Social media for lead generation might be all the craze out there, but many businesses I know have little to show for their investment in it, or have yet to get started.

The trick is that social media in isolation of other lead generation techniques does not work too well.

See, social media is not designed to generate leads: that’s a by-product. But it works great upstream and downstream of other lead generation techniques.

With Socialize¬©, your team and I identify how social media can best work for you, and implement it right away, as part of the workshops’ assignments.

Interested in trying it out? Just get in touch through linkedin, twitter, facebook, or good ol’ email (you can use the “quick email” button on the left of that window).

Web appsMarketReach workshops: click with your market

MarketReach¬© is a series of workshops integrated into actual “work”, all designed to identify the best market for your product and the most effective ways to connect with that market.

MarketReach is designed for company and product leaders. Together, we seek to achieve a market breakthrough, as per GrowthRoute’s self-assigned mandate. Read the rest of the post here »

Makeover of a renewable energy system manufacturer

Passivhaus cross-section, English annotation

Image via Wikipedia

This American manufacturer of geothermal heat pumps and photovoltaic heat recovery solutions contacted me after reading my article Consolidation and Integration in the Solar PV Business, in order to create a financial and product specification model for a new product.
Read the rest of the post here »

Product versioning and marketing recommendations to mobile platform for retailers

nokia @ heathrow T5

Image by Divinemissn via Flickr

How do you scale a clever mobile app solving a simple problem in the large retail space? And how do you do it on a shoestring budget?

An interesting challenge I recently got to assist an entrepreneur with.

One way is to attract more prospects in the targeted segment, on the cheap; another way is to extend the segment through business model innovation.

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